Job processing

In our capacity as a manufacturing and processing company for rotationally symmetrical components we offer a full range of benefits, all under one roof. Take full advantage of our technical capabilities. We are able to process your workpieces, even if they are not flanges, using our advanced machinery

  • rapidly
  • at a reasonable price
  • dependably
  • with the well-known high Langenbach quality.

The long experience of our highly competent staff, together with advanced machinery and control technology, are the hallmarks of top results. The implemented quality system ensures constant product quality.

CNC turning and drilling, MIG/MAG welding as well as surface finishing are available on request to meet your requirements.

Please send us your enquiry, we will be pleased to come up with a solution.

… Outsourcing for your benefit!

Machine data

CNC turning:
External diameter up to 3,000 mm
Turning height up to 1,000 mm
Conventional turning:
External diameter up to 3,000 mm
Turning height up to 160 mm
CNC drilling/thread cutting:
Hole circle diameter up to 3,100 mm
Hole diameter (tungsten carbide) up to
60 mm
MIG / MAG welding:
External diameter on rotary tables
up to 2,000 mm
Heat treatment:
External diameter up to 1,600 mm
temperature up to 1,200 °C
Flash butt welding:
Material cross-section up to 10,000 mm²
Max. welding height 180 mm