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Flanges and rings in mechanical engineering

Ready-to-install precision parts according to customer requirements

Under the generic term "general mechanical engineering", many special areas with individual requirements for flanges and rings are combined. Whether printing machines, textile machines, packaging machines, compressors, pumps, winches, wind power plants, construction machines or for the construction of cable cars with masts and cable guide rollers - the demand for our products is manifold everywhere.

Special materials for the respective application and high demands on tolerances and surfaces speak for the use of our flanges.

Your contact persons

Günter Langenbach

Management, purchasing,
Work preparation, quality control
Phone.: +49 2745 91070-0

Gereon Poggel

Purchase, sales, work preparation
Phone.: +49 2745 91070-22

Martina Link

Attestation, secretariat
Phone.: +49 2745 91070-77