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Langenbach flanges are manufactured and machined by highly qualified, experienced personnel using versatile and modern machinery. Partly self-developed machines, pressing and heat treatment equipment as well as special welding equipment are used.

Production Planning

Punctual delivery includes modern computer-aided production planning. From purchasing and work preparation to production planning, we guarantee reliable, timely processing of your orders.

cold/hot production

Which manufacturing method is the most favourable and qualitatively advantageous for your product depends on your requirement

  • Material,
  • material cross section,
  • product size and
  • Conditions of acceptance

influence in advance the way "your" flange is created.

We distinguish between

  • Cold forming, flash butt welding, deburring and straightening processes at room temperature
  • hot production - forming, flash butt welding, deburring and straightening processes after computer-controlled heating (+/- 5 °C) in a natural gas-heated reheating furnace in a temperature window
    between 1.100 °C and 850 °C.

further processing

You have the choice between the delivery of these blanks, which are manufactured precisely and accurately to size, or further processing in our company.

Modern CNC-controlled machines are available for the mechanical processing of the blanks as well as for the subcontracting of rotationally symmetric components.

To complete our delivery program we also offer the following surface treatments:

  • hot-dip galvanized according to DIN 50976
  • electrogalvanized according to DIN 50961
  • sandblasting
  • pickle>/li>
  • primer
  • paint, etc.

With Langenbach Flanschen you can be sure that the finishing of your flanges will be at the highest level.