Flanges made by Langenbach are manufactured and processed by highly qualified, experienced staff using versatile, advanced machinery, presses and heat treatment equipment, some of it designed by ourselves, as well as special welding equipment.

Production scheduling

Punctual delivery calls for an advanced, computerized production scheduling system. We handle your orders in a dependable, punctual manner, from purchasing right through to work scheduling and production planning.

Cold/hot processing

Depending on your specification, we decide upon the manufacturing method which best suits your product and quality requirements.

  • Material,
  • Material cross-section,
  • Product size, and
  • Acceptance conditions

All have an impact on the development of "your" flange.

We differentiate between

  • Cold processing – forming, flash butt welding, de-burring, straightening at room temperature
  • Hot processing – forming, flash butt welding, de-burring, straightening following computer-controlled heating (+/- 5 °C) in a natural gas fired heating furnace. The temperature range is between 1,100 °C and 850 °C.


You may choose to purchase these precisely dimensioned blanks or to have them processed by us.

We have advanced CNC equipment to machine blanks or rotationally symmetrical components.

In addition, we offer various surface treatments to complete our range of products and services:

  • hot-dip galvanizing to DIN 50976
  • electrogalvanizing to DIN 50961
  • sand blasting
  • etching
  • priming
  • painting, etc.

If you choose Langenbach Flanschen, you can be sure to receive flanges with top quality finishing.

Heating furnace

Hot bending

Flash butt welding

Butt welds

De-burred welds